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Kids parties


We have the perfect venue for parties, whether you're 5 or 85!

You’ll have a party to remember and best of all every child will have something unique to keep afterwards.
And you don’t have to do any washing up!
We have a wide range of pottery to appeal to boys and girls of all ages and cater for a variety of budgets.
Prices start from £16 per child (minimum of 9 and maxiumum of 16)

PARTY TABLE - Our vibrant party table is set with a large group table to encourage a party atmosphere.  We can seat up to 16 children (depending on age - please email to enquire about bespoke special arrangements for larger groups accommodated elsewhere in the studio)


(minimum of 9 children - includes free extras and discount on standard studio prices)

Available for birthday child plus 8 or more friends

All parties are for up to 90 mins, are all inclusive of studio fee plus one item of pottery each and also include, squash for the children, a hot drink each for 2 supervising adults, and our gift to the birthday child – a standard size memento plate.

You’re also welcome to bring Birthday cake / snacks to the party if you don’t want to use all your time for painting.

Book your choice of the following:


Pull out all the stoppers with our money bank party!!

The Money Bank party - £20 per child

Each child chooses one from a selection of 6 - 8 of our fantastically fun money banks, e.g penguin / piggy / skull / dragon / sneaker...

(NB. includes standard size money banks only)


The Trinket Box party - £20 per child

Each child chooses one from a selection of our brilliant boxes to keep their bits and pieces in! e.g heart / ice-cream / cupcake / treasure chest / square...


The Breakfast Time party - £18 per child

Each child chooses one from our standard mug / miso bowl / party plate / egg cups


The Party Animal party - £16 per child

Each child chooses one from a selection of party size animals, e.g cat / owl / narwhal / dog / unicorn...


Party times:

Saturday party slots are:

10.30am - 12.00pm

1pm - 2.30pm

3pm – 4.30pm

Sunday party slots are:

11.30pm - 1pm

2pm - 3.30pm


HOW IT WORKS - We set you up with the paints and then you create your own pottery masterpiece! You’ll get lots of advice and encouragement from our friendly staff and we have examples, sponges and stamps to help inspire. Pottery is then available to collect after firing, usually in 10 days once wrapped.


BOOKING - Please email us at: to discuss your requirements and available start times.